North Ridge Race Team

Our racing experience began many years ago with retired race dogs that were purchased from other kennels that Brads nephew Gary Fetterley would take to local races. Gary started in his early teens while guiding for the business and continued until he went to college. These where great experiences and gave a strong foundation for how we wanted to develop the kennel for the future.


This racing experience helped to develop an idea of what type of dog we wanted to breed into our kennel.  Over the past several years we have been able to develop a line of dogs that we are confident in and that are competitive in the racing circuit.


In 2013 we started entering some races in the region and have been very happy with our results.

It has been a great experience for us and the dogs and we are thrilled with their performance and our results so far.



All Ontario races where cancelled again this winter due to Covid-19.



Due to the Covid-19 health crisis and lockdowns no races in Ontario occurred this winter



Haliburton Sled Dog Race - Kid n Mutt – 3rd place with McCoy

Time: 11.60 sec

Kearney Dog Sled Race – Kid n Mutt – 1st place with McCoy

Time: Day 1: 9.71 sec  Day2: 10.30sec Total: 20.01 sec



Brea’s First Race Season!

Haliburton Sled Dog Race – Kid n Mutt – 5th place with Tempo

Time: Unknown

Kearney Dog Sled Race – Kid n Mutt 1st Place with McCoy

Time: Day 1 – 14.13 sec; Day 2 – 13.76 sec  Total: 27.89 sec



Due to poor snow conditions only 1 race ran in Ontario this year and we did not attend.



Kearney Dogsled Race

10 Dog, 40 mile – 8th place

Time: Day 1 3:34:30:00     Day 2   4:11:01:00     Total: 7:45:31:00

Dogs: Elgie, Maple, Kip, Derry, Mowat, Jersey, Meatloaf, Timber, Fairlane, McCoy (only day 1)



Managing a business and a baby is quite the undertaking. Racing will have to wait another year.



In celebration of our newest family member Brea Hunter Fetterley, we stepped back from the racing world.  Leah hopes to be back on the runners in 2016.



Kearney Dogsled Race

8 dog, 35 mile – 4th place

Time: Day 1: 2:53:33.00 Day 2:  2:55:58.00  Total: 5:49:31.00

Dogs: Elgi, Moxy, Elliott, Maple, Everest, Forest, Freddie & Friskie


Haliburton Sled Dog Race

8 dog, 6 mile - 6th place

Time: Day 1: 20:23.82, Day 2:19:47.28, Total: 40:11.11

Dogs:  Elgi, Moxie, Elliot, Maple, Forest, Gator, Friskie & Freddie




6 dog, 25 mile – 2nd place

time: 2:06:12

Dogs:  Elgy, Everest, Moxie, Elliott, Freddie, Friskie


Kearney Dogsled Race

6 dog, 6mile – 8 th place

time:Day One:20:52:28, Day Two: 21:75:69  Total: 42:27:97

Dogs:  Elgi, Everest, Moxie, Elliott, Gator, Merlin


Haliburton Dogsled Derby

4 dog, 4 mile – 6th place

Time: Day One: 16.44.38    Day 2: 16.14.57     Total: 32.58.95

Dogs: Elgi, Everest, Moxie, Elliott



Welcome to North Ridge Ranch.  We are very happy you stopped by and hope that we can share the magic and adventure of dog sledding with you in Muskoka.  Huntsville, Ontario is where we call home and have had our kennel for over 20 years.  Owners and Operators Brad & Leah Fetterley and over 60 amazing Alaskan Huskies make up a dynamic team that are excited to take you on an unforgettable dog sled tour through the wilds of Muskoka.

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