Alaskan Huskies

These are not the huskies you will recognize from commercials, calendars or Walt Disney films.  They are slim, trim and healthy athletes capable of running many miles a day while hauling a sled and human behind them.  They are beyond the capabilities of a national level marathon Nordic skier, but have a similar muscular and slender physique.  Their look is very diverse as they are not a pure breed, but rather are bred for their athletic build, adaptation to cold temperatures and desire to run and pull.

Alaskan huskies are pound for pound the strongest mammal on earth.  In top condition they have the capacity to run further, longer and faster than any other animal on earth.  Many competitive sled dog racers use Alaskan huskies as seen in the Iditarod and Yukon Quest Sled Dog races.


Welcome to North Ridge Ranch.  We are very happy you stopped by and hope that we can share the magic and adventure of dog sledding with you in Muskoka.  Huntsville, Ontario is where we call home and have had our kennel for over 20 years.  Owners and Operators Brad & Leah Fetterley and over 60 amazing Alaskan Huskies make up a dynamic team that are excited to take you on an unforgettable dog sled tour through the wilds of Muskoka.

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 Huntsville, Muskoka, On |  705-788-2828