North Ridge Ranch is a true small family run business.  The owners Brad and Leah are also the operators and they will be the ones you always speak with.  Leah usually answers the phone and greets you and Brad will give you the lesson, guide your tour and enjoys sharing stories, knowledge and answering all your questions.  We take care of all the dogs, build and groom the trails, maintain the dog yard, equipment and everything in between.  We are dogsledders and that is all we do….we work with our dogs, care for our dogs and most of all we love our dogs.


Our dogsled trails are all private and only used by us.  The system runs on our own property of 500 acres and utilizes some neighbouring acreages as well.  The forest is beautiful and quiet and exploring it on a dogsled is incredibly serene.


Our dogs are Alaskan Huskies and they all live with us on our property, most have been born at North Ridge Ranch or have been adopted in.  They all have names, personalities and quirks, which we know very well and make up our extended, chosen 4 legged family.  We know all our dogs and everything about them, from who likes running with who, how much they eat, what harness size they are, who is related to who…the kennel may seem large and overwhelming to some, but when we look in, we see each individual, not a mass of dogs.  They are friendly, strong, driven, beautiful and healthy and we could not be prouder of them.


We offer small tours of 4-5 guest sleds per tour, which offers our guests a unique experience.  We teach you how to drive the sled prior to heading out so you know the basics of dogsledding.  The guide sled is the first sled out and then the customer sleds follow in behind.  The guide leading the trip is always watching to make sure all the dogs and people are kept safe.


If you are looking for a truly unique Canadian winter experience, alongside man’s best friend, in the great Muskoka outdoors at a sustainable, family owned and operated local business, then North Ridge Ranch is the place to be!

About Brad, Leah & Brea




Brad has been running the trails of Muskoka for over 30 yrs on the back of a dogsled. He started out as a guide with a tour operator working at Deerhurst Resort and in 1995 he expanded his horizons and started his own business and taking over the contract at Deerhurst Resort.  With Brad in the drivers seat he expanded his operations to other resorts throughout the region and started offering half day, full day and overnight tours.  Around 2001 Brad began downsizing and moving away from resort tour operations and focused more on offering personally guided tours from his own property in Huntsville, Muskoka.  Many years have been spent building his kennel into something that he is proud of and can call his own.  Brad’s hard work and accomplishments can be seen in his loving and hard working huskies that guests and himself are privileged to ride behind on their sleds.



Leah had her first taste of dogsledding while attending Lakehead University on a 10 day dogsledding expedition.  She instantly fell in love with the sport and decided she needed more of it in her life.  After graduating Leah started to work as a guide with Winterdance Dogsled Tours in Haliburton where she developed her confidence and knowledge of dogsled touring.  After 6 years of guiding Leah moved away to Huntsville to explore new territory and met up with Brad.  Leah has partnered with Brad and enjoys entering races with the dogs when the opportunities arise.  Leah enjoys dogsledding, but gets the most enjoyment out of interacting with and working along side these wonderful animals.



Brea came to us just in time for the dogsled season in 2014!  She is a happy girl outside and in the dog yard.  She loves helping out and can often be seen picking up harnesses, dusting snow off sleds, and of course saying hi to all the dogs and guests.   She is an up and coming little musher and is very quickly learning about the musher lifestyle from mom and dad.


Welcome to North Ridge Ranch.  We are very happy you stopped by and hope that we can share the magic and adventure of dog sledding with you in Muskoka.  Huntsville, Ontario is where we call home and have had our kennel for over 20 years.  Owners and Operators Brad & Leah Fetterley and over 60 amazing Alaskan Huskies make up a dynamic team that are excited to take you on an unforgettable dog sled tour through the wilds of Muskoka.

North Ridge Ranch  |  Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario  |  705-788-2828

 Huntsville, Muskoka, On |  705-788-2828